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InterGest Hungary was established in 2001 to assist foreign companies in planning and developing their business activities in Hungary.


We are based in Budapest, with offices in the "House of German economy", i.e. the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, located in the heart of the Buda side of the city. In our office space of over 400 sqm you’ll find approximately 20 competent employees with wide range of expertise.


With an international airport, a developed road and train network and public transport, Budapest is a well-connected city.


Your contact: Nils Blunck


Nils Blunck is CEO of InterGest Hungary. After graduating  in history and economics from the University of Hamburg in1993, he worked for the European Commission on planning, implementation and controlling of EU support programs for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Between 1997 and 1999 he advised the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the preparation for EU accession.


Since 1999 Mr. Blunck supports investors with their projects in Hungary and neighboring countries. In addition, he is actively engaged in economic and social life. His roles include board member of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and board member of the German-Hungarian Training Centre.


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